The Association actually grew from a vision of Robert Mouro ('66)(Jacksonville), in 1996, to make a list of former cadets to be able to communicate with each other. Robert, knowing Tim Tyndall ('68)(Jacksonville) was a web designer, called Tim and asked if he would put together some kind of a website to display the information Robert was gathering.

The original intention was just to put together a list of former cadets (name, email addresss, year(s) of attendance, graduation year, city and state of current residence and phone number, so that former cadets could contact one another. Distributing this list with updates (as received) to former cadets was made possible using the internet.

Tim proceeded to put together a website which displayed a name (linked to an e-mail address (with a pop-up window showing FMS picture and a more recent picture), phone number, years of attendance, graduation year, and city and state of current residence.

Well, this actually worked very well, and as Robert was gathering former cadet information (with Tim's ocassional contributions) Tim would enter the information Robert was giving him. They gathered over 200 names and related information of former cadets.

Then, sometime in 1997 or 98, Andy Staley ('68)(Tampa) called Tim ('68) and said that he had seen (on the internet) what we were doing and that he would like to participate. Well Tim and Andy were in the same class, and they hadn't talked in 30 years, so after their personal reminiscing, Tim said "Sure!".

Tim told Robert Mouro about Andy's enthusiasm for participating and Robert was happy to hear that there would be another contributor.

Andy proceeded to build a website on Tripod with some FMS candid shots, a Deceased listing of former cadets, some great FMS pictures and miscellaneous FMS stories (either written by Andy or submitted to him) from former cadets which had been contacted.

Sometime in late 1999 or early 2000 Robert and Tim learned that (a group in the Daytona area) Max ('58) and Sue Elliott(Ormond Beach) had started gathering information about former FMS cadets after Max heard from a classmate, Jay Seitz ('58), and Carl Schaefer, Jr. ('59), that Carl's father was interested in gathering information about former FMS cadets. Mr. Schaefer, Sr. was an early investor in the school with Colonel Ward. Max and Sue were later joiined by Thornton Ridinger ('59)(Ormond Beach).

Sometime in early 2000, at their request, Robert Mouro and Tim Tyndall went down to Orlando to meet some of the participants from the Daytona (area) group. Robert, Lori (Robert's wife), Memory (Robert's daughter) and Tim went down to Orlando the day before. They got rooms at the Best Western in Winter Park.

When they got to the Best Western and got settled in their rooms, Tim got the phonebook, looked up Chris Bolton('66)(Orlando), called and Chris answered. Tim said Chris sounded just like he did 30 years ago. Chris came over to the Best Western and Robert, Tim, and Chris had a terrific time reminiscing for several hours before Chris dismissed himself and Robert, Lori, Memory and Tim Had dinner and retired for the day.

The next morning (Tim recalls) they got up and were treated to a "Full Continental Breakfast" (with no eggs or bacon)!?!

Later that day an informal luncheon at a Bar-B-Q restaurant was attended by Robert Mouro ('66) and Tim Tyndall ('68) (Jax); Frank Neubaur ('66) (St Pete); Thornton Ridinger ('59) (Ormond Beach); Jim Turner ('59 ) (Valrico) and Bill Bennett () (Lake City).

They traded recollections of the Florida Military School life and were somewhat amazed and amused at what appeared to be some of the differences between the 1950's version of FMS and the 1960's version.

As Tim recalls, they kind of brain-stormed and at least initialized the planning of the first FMS Reunion Dinner, which was held in the Daytona area (at a Country Club).

Tim and Robert also recalled going down to Ormand Beach (after the Orlando meeting) several times to meet with Max, Sue and Thornton and Andy Staley, who would drive up from the Tampa area.

We also met once or twice after the (SUCCESSFUL) dinner at the Country Club in the Daytona (Ormond Beach) area,

It was also recollected by Tim that during one of the meetings they were trying to think of a kind of clever name for the first actual reunion and as they were all thinking of a cool name and probably discussing other things, as well, Andy Staley stood up; and said "Permission to speak sir?". As (of course) it was granted, Andy said how about Lollapollaza? Well Tim recalls Robert, Tim, Andy, Max, Sue and Thornton all immediately surrendered to Andy's EXCELLENT sugggestion.

Our thanks also go out to Max, Sue and Thornton for having the organizational skills to PLAN, IMPLEMENT and PIECE TOGETHER the many known and unknown pieces of the puzzle that have made for ONE SUCCESSFUL REUNION after ANOTHER!


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