Best DANCE routine medley EVER!!!
Bob Hope and James Cagney
Best America's Got Talent music routine EVER!!!
EVEN Simon liked it!!!
Papa Oom Mow Mow
by the Rivingtons (but not in this video!!!)
Sheriff Andy Taylor arrests Danny Thomas on
"Make Room For Daddy" and
created the spin-off "The Andy Grtiffith Show"
(including Ronnie Howard),which aired on February 15, 1960
Don Knotts cracked up 20 tomes shooting this scene!
Duration: 03:44 minutes
Don Knotts LAST scene as Deputy Barney Fife
on The Andy Griffith Show
Smothers Brothers
I Talk To The Trees
Flip Wilson (on Johnny Carson)
Ugly Baby routine
You Bet Your Life with Grocho Marx
Ramino Gonzalez (part 1 of 2 parts)
You Bet Your Life with Grocho Marx
Ramino Gonzalez (part 2 of 2 parts)
The Lone Ranger (pilot)
part 1 of 3 parts
The Lone Ranger (pilot)
part 2 of 3 parts
The Lone Ranger (pilot)
part 3 of 3 parts
funny story by Jay Thomas about The Lone Ranger
He was on David Letterman.
Juggling to Beatle music.
George Carlin on Johnny Carson
CLASSIC Al Sleet, the hippie dippy weatherman
Drew Carey first appearance on Tonight Show
Tonight Show with Hohnny Carson
Jeff Dunham introduces
Achmed the Dead Terroist
George Carlin
Everyday Expressions
Jeff Foxworthy
Hints of Aging and the Colonoscopy
Louie Anderson's first appearance on the Tonight Show.
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.
One of the CLASSIC interviews (Bob Hope, Dean Martin and George Gobel.
I saw this LIVE on Johnny Carson
You shoiuld enjoy this guy.
He was on Johnny Carson when I first saw him.
Same juggler as above but for Ronad and Nancy Reagan
at the Ford Theater (and it's actually part #2)
These 4 gals can definitely play music ! ! !
One of the BEST "America's Got Talent" EVER ! ! !
This was the pilot for The Beverly Hilllbillies,
- NOT - a spin-off!!!
Bill Cosby - 1964
standup comedy
Taxi had some really funny moments, but
this has to be one of the FUNNIEST routines.
This was the pilot for All In The Family
Tim's first song attempt
Tim's attempt at the Statler Brothers
The Transistor (a documentary) made in 1959
History of IBM Personal Computers
Rise and Fall of IBM PC (part 0ne)
Rise and Fall of IBM PC (part Two)
Rise and Fall of IBM PC (part Three)