Appearently Browser ISSUES require 8 Guards
All Browsers are NOT created equal; however, if you're happy with your internet experience with what you do on the internet (which will differ from person to person) then you're probably better off to leave well enough alone.

There are several issues with this website that SHOULD be Universally supported, but because of a lack of standardization across Browsers, we learn to live with it without complaint until we see something that works on our friend's Browser, but performs differently on our computer at the house.

You'll never see or hear where representatives of "Internet Explorer" are saying "Gee, I wish our customers would use the "Google Chrome" Browser, or likewise, you won't hear "Google Chrome" folks asking "How can we get our customers to stop using our browser and start using "Internet Explorer" ... or any of a number of other available Browsers - hence the Browser rivalry and each Browser is trying to get a leg up on the other Browsers while conforming to standards (too a degree)
which is like telling the truth 90% of ALL THE TIME.

It's one of those things that's done with the best of intentions and results in a window not opening up properly (as expected) or a picture not displaying (as expected) or any of a number of other abnormalities, which you would expect to execute correctly across all Browsers.

Because Browsers are written by different development companies with the intention of a smooth and comfortable user experience with all internet activities, but in the spirit of competition each Browser strives to put something in their Browser which makes their Browser unique.

The names of former cadets ALL have pictures associated with the name.

For instance with "Internet Explorer", the first several names seem to work fine, but as you scroll down the page the pictures seem to quit displaying. Well, they don't quit displaying ( and you're going to love this ) - they actually continue displaying ( just outside the window you're looking at ) - which is very similiar to not displaying at all!

Now if you get a big screen display and shrink Internet Explorer down to 50% or 25% and do a full screen display, you'll see smaller versions (50 or 25% - depending on how much you shrunk the browser) of the pictures down at the bottom of the open window. When you resize back to 100% you'll discontinue seeing the pictures even though you'll know they're there, just below the bottom of the window display.

Bottom line is Internet Explorer doesn't support the correct displaying of pictures next to the name its associated with. That's probably why most websites don't offer that type of display, because Internet Explorer only supports it to varying degrees. One time it will appear to work to a point and then it appears to stop working properly. The next time you try it it will work and appear to stop at another point.
That's why I call Internet Explorer a Browser with an attitude!

The GOOD NEWS is this website displays fine in Google Chrome.

You can have multiple Browsers on your computer, of course you're only running one at a time.

Despite the fact that (as of this writing) Internet Explorer is the most popular and most widley used Browser out there, Internet Explorer is not staying up to date technologically and supports less of the new technologies (scripts) than the other popular Browsers out there.

Google Chrome and Firefox are two other popular Browsers out there - not as widely used as Internet Explorer - but they're growing in popularity because they support the newer technological scripts and it's the same old story of whoever is most popular will stay that way until somebody else over-takes them.

Internet Explorer (right now) is the most widely used Browser for two basic reasons and neither one of those reasons are it's capabilities.
  1. It was the first
  2. It's first name is Microsoft
Hope this helps explain why,

Tim Tyndall - Class of '68